The mission of the Tennessee Mountain Writers, Inc. is to promote literary arts by providing opportunities for members and the community at large to enhance individual literary skills and appreciation through a broad spectrum of learning experiences.

TMW is a non-profit, non-political organization which promotes Tennessee literary arts and supports the work of Tennessee writers. Our goal is to provide opportunity for people interested in the craft of writing to become better writers. Our objectives include:

  • To assist in improving the literary arts in Tennessee through organized writing conferences, workshops, seminars, classes, exhibits, readings, lectures and similar events which provide education, entertainment, pleasure, and communication of knowledge.
  • To provide opportunities for the professional and artistic development of writers, encourage high standards of creative writing in all genres of literature and promote interest in Tennessee writers and writing.
  • To provide novice writers advice on how to become published authors.
  • To promote interaction and fellowship among writers and organizations of writers.
  • To encourage and strengthen high standards of ethics and usage of the English language, and to be a constructive influence for members.
  • To develop and serve a multicultural audience.
  • To provide an interchange of information and techniques with allied organizations.

Membership is open to all writers interested in furthering these objectives, regardless of geographic location. All interested individuals are welcome to participate in activities of the Tennessee Mountain Writers, Inc. No individual shall be excluded from or denied benefits, subjected to discrimination, or denied participation in any TMWI programs because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, political affilitaion or belief.