2022 TMW Contest Winners


Each year after the deadline for the contest submission has passed, contest entries are first screened blindly by a panel of judges, and then ten to twelve finalist pieces in each category are sent to our final judges for blind selection of winners. No judge at any step of this process is aware of the names of the writers who have submitted individual pieces. Writers may submit entries in all categories, and for an additional fee may submit a second entry, all of which means that writers may place or win up to two awards in multiple categories. Any writer who wins first place in a category is ineligible to enter that category the following year.


Patricia Boatner Fiction Award:

Honorable Mention, Amara Bunten, “Wasteful”

Honorable Mention, Daniel Ray, “The End Man”

Honorable Mention, Carole Stice, “Mistaken”

3rd place, Wilmoth Foreman, “Something Akin to Friendship”

2nd place, Daniel Reiss, “What’s of the Soul is Not Forgotten”

1st place, Larry D. Thacker, “Worn Out”


Science Fiction/Fantasy Award:

Honorable Mention, Vicki J. Cypcar, “An Angel Named Atticus”

Honorable Mention, Travetta Johnson, “Cosmic Jam”

3rd place, Daniel Leonard, “Catching Up”

2nd place, Daniel Leonard, “Ice Springs Phoenix”

1st place, Daniel Ray, “Skyfort”


Joy Margrave Nonfiction Award:

Honorable Mention, Vicki J. Cypcar, “She Deserved Better”

Honorable Mention, Deborah Scaperoth, “Captured by a Cult”

3rd place, David Hammond, “The Cotton Sack”

2nd place, Natalie Kimbell, “An Attention Deficit Lollapalooza”

1st place, Gail Tyson, “Homing”


Poetry Award:

HM: Larry D. Thacker, “Reunion”

HM: Ralph Monday, “Let Them Go to the Waters”

3rd place, Larry D. Thacker, “How it All Comes to an End in the End”

2nd place, DeAnna Stephens, “Summer Repair”

1st place, KB Ballentine, “Heart, Full of Seed”


Children’s Literature Award:

3rd place, Randi Lynn Mrvos, “To Be in a Book”

2nd place, Dee Lynk, “Chapter One—Yes—Yes—YES!”

1st place, Chrissie Anderson Peters, “Red Bird Rules”


Sue Ellen Hudson winner: Daniel Ray, “Skyfort”